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Canadian Patient Safety Week

Canadian patient safety week is on! October 30th – November 3rd

Join us in recognizing and supporting Canadian Patient Safety Week, a national annual campaign started in 2005 to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality. Working together, let's join the many thousands to help spread the message that Questions Save Lives - #AskListenTalk.

10th Anniversary 

August 2017 - Salus Global, the parent company of the MOREOB, AMPROOB, and MOREEX Programs is pleased to announce that they are celebrating their 10th anniversary this summer.

Named after both the Roman goddess of health and prosperity and the Latin word for “health, wellness, prosperity, good wishes and safety”, Salus Global was established in 2007 as a strategic partnership between the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (SOGC).

With a laser sharp focus on patient safety and interprofessional team performance, Salus Global truly represents the shared vision of HIROC, SOGC and its own patient safety mandate.

Salus Global today announced the release of the 16th Edition of Obstetrical Content prepared exclusively for their flagship OB safety and performance program MOREOB.

This release features a number of updates and enhancements but in addition there are two new chapters, fourteen new videos and new practical introductions to simulations and workshops.

The annual review process is overseen by review committees including the Obstetric Content Review committee of the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SOGC). The updates consider the worldwide literature and reader feedback.  With MOREOB’s innovative Online platform, members can hyperlink to new information and content using ‘what’s new in this edition’.

Salus Global takes great pride in being a partner in patient safety, risk management and quality.  Continuously striving to contribute to safer care for mothers and babies.

10th Anniversary

WALTHAM, MA/LONDON, ON – The Relational Coordination Research Collaborative and Salus Global Corporation announced jointly today that Sally Rogers of Salus Global Corporation has successfully attained the coveted designation of a Relational Coordination Certified Professional.

The Relational Coordination Research Collaborative (RCRC), based at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University counts among its foundational principles, communication and relating for the purpose of task integration – a powerful driver of performance when work is interdependent, uncertain and time constrained.  RC Certified professionals are certified for their skills in helping organizations use relational coordination principles and metrics for fostering positive organizational change.  They have a common set of skills and come from two kinds of backgrounds - some are trained primarily in organizational development and process consultation while others are trained primarily in work process improvement methods.  These two backgrounds bring complementary skills for successful RC interventions. Unlike certification programs that offer a certificate based on course attendance, this program consists of a rigorous peer review process involving two change initiatives, which can take from several months to more than a year.  RC Certification is governed by the RCRC Board and its Training and Certification Committee.  To see a full list of RC Certified professionals, visit

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