Having experienced the transformative benefits of stronger teamwork and communication through the highly successful MOREOB Program, Salus Global set out to bring the same high-impact results to any healthcare team seeking better outcomes. The result is the Performance Enhancement Process (“PEP”).

PEP helps interprofessional teams identify team performance gaps then develops and implement strategies to strengthen fundamental collaborative practices that are necessary for sustainable quality performance.

Innovative, outcomes based and tailored to the unique goals of healthcare teams, PEP helps teams identify gaps in interprofessional team dynamics. Breaking down barriers that are getting in the way of effective interprofessional collaboration, it helps healthcare teams sustainably strengthen their underlying relationships, leading to better and more collaborative care.

The program helps teams:

  • Develop and share common goals
  • Clearly understand each other’s roles and what each can contribute to the team
  • Increase mutual respect
  • Communicate in an accurate timely and succinct way
  • Effectively solve problems together

Decades of Experience in Healthcare

Our team of qualified healthcare professionals brings decades of experience in healthcare and extensive training in the dynamics of interdependent teams through the leading-edge field of Relational Coordination. In fact, we have the only team of certified Relational Coordination professionals in Canada and incorporate the RC survey into each program.

Given the synergies between our approach and the Relational Coordination framework, Salus Global became a founding partner of the Relational Coordination Research Collaborative and many of the team members have undergone peer-review to achieve the prestigious Relational Coordination (RC) designation from the Relational Coordination Research Collaborative based at the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

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