The purpose of the Savings Calculator is to show the possible benefits of the MOREOB Program using an average cost analysis over three years (the typical length of the initial engagement in the MOREOB Program). The calculator considers pooled data from aggregate experience over the past many years.

Hospital Demographics
$ .00
Daily Cost of Bed
$ .00
$ .00
$ .00
Salus Saving Calculator
Estimated Number
of Averted Events
or Procedures
  Estimated Cost
Clinical Indicators      
First cesarean sections  
Inappropriate post dates induction  
Admissions to NICU  
Admission in latent phase labor  
Cesarean sections at <4cm, in women with a diagnosis of labor dystocia  
Staff Retention Indicators      
Registered Nurse (RN) Turnover  

To learn more about the MOREOB Program or for more information about the savings potential for your site or unit, please contact us.